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A Big Ol' Dose of Good Old Fashioned Gratitude

"Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough"

this is my backyard ... seriously ... how lucky am I?
-fog clearing off the valley-

I love, love, love this time of the year. 

kaleidoscope'd landscapes changing with the leaves
cool autumn breezes
delicious squash
the Norfolk County Fair/Elephant ears :) 
oh yeah and it's Thanksgiving Weekend too!

A good a weekend as any I'd say - usually just with a lot more food, maybe a nap, perhaps good times with friends and family, and hopefully a little extra dose of thanks ... or as we yoga types like to call it GRATITUDE.

A lot of times in yoga classes the word 'gratitude' appears.
Our teachers invite us perhaps to set an intention of gratitude,or perhaps remind us to bring gratitude into our life if we have forgotten all we really have to be thankful for:
A morning coffee or tea
Warm slippers
A loved one
A pet
A child
Living in a space in the world with so much bounty and freedom

We often get in negative ruts where we grumble and moan and 'woe is me' and think things are so bad and we have nothing going for us
- this is when you need to remember what you have.

And remembering if nothing else you woke up on the other side of the dirt this morning and that in itself is a reason to rejoice - to extend gratitude.

When we say Namaste it is really is an outward acknowledgment honouring and thanking the light (&the magic) beaming from ourselves and the others in the room - the universe and all beings - thanking all for existing - for doing nothing but being in that very moment.

The definition of gratitude is:
"The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness"

Are you Ready? 

In the spirit of this weekend, maybe it's time to amp up your gratitude, dole out a big ol' dose.

First I think it is a good time to just simmer - with a cup of tea - or a glass of wine - or maybe just with your breath - and really dig around and remind yourself of all those little and big things you have gratitude for.

Doing this also reminds you that - you've got a pretty amazing existence.You have a reason to
Smile - Right Now.

Send someone you know, who may be feeling a little low ... or that you think could use a little dose of gratitude - a message, a phone call, a Facebook status dedication ..  just to say "Thank you for just being you - you are amazing! I love you-"
It doesn't have to say exactly that, but you catch my drift. It can change someones day, create a smile.

Up for a Challenge?

Make a deal with yourself.
30 - 60 - perhaps 100 days of Gratitude.

Every day, make a point to write down one thing you are grateful for.
Maybe make it your Facebook status - maybe tag someone - let them know!

Put it all out there into the universe.

One day it might just be coffee .. or chocolate - and those totally, 100%  important - and count :) 

Today, I am thankful for hot coffee and cinnamon honey, for sweet Nash's smiles, for waking up and having a warm body beside me, for looking out into my backyard into a kaleidoscope of changing colours and bountiful trees, for the squash soup I am able to cook up later, for every movement my body is able to make, for the time to practice yoga this morning, for the roof over my head, the cozy couch to snuggle on -
and above all else for all of the amazing people who have ever been in my life - those who light me up and inspire me, encourage me,  make me laugh, help me learn, those who listen, those who talk, those who are so kind and loving my child -  

-You see how if you look around you - there is so much.
I could have gone on the more I simmered on gratitude-

Hey, Gratitude is Good for your health too!

This weekend drink it all in - ALL that you've got to be thankful for

Maybe send a little "OM" out there - vibrate with the universe in thanks!

Most of all have fun and smile!

And don't forget after a long weekend of delicious foods and drinks

Come back to your mat! Do a little detox yoga - add some twists get digestion moving!

Oh Yeah - and don't forget to say a quiet little thanks to that Turkey you might be eating this weekend ;)

Nash and I saying THANKS TURKEYS!!!  - In turkey pose :) (well, it's crow, but for today it can be turkey)

Write us a note! What are you thankful for today?

Have a wonderful weekend

Until Next Time,

Sending Out Peace




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Amélie on November-01-13 1:17 PM
Hi Kat! Why is nobody ever commenting?? Just want to tell you that I love your blog and hoping to see more posts soon. Maybe a online challenge within the 30 day challenge could be fun?? See you soon. Amélie
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Kat on November-07-13 8:27 AM
Amelie! :) Thank you I haven't posted in a few too many weeks! Thank you for the reminder to get my ass in gear. And YES - I think a 30 day challenge - challenge is an awesome idea! Stay tuned, will post in the next few days! :) Xx
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